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Hidden Valley Hawk Talk Newsletter, Issue #20

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Friday,  January 27, 2023
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Feb 1

New Student In Person Registration 2023/24 Begins!!!

Feb 1

6 -7:30 PM Vigilant Parent Initiative – Protect your Student from Online Dangers (Webinar)

Feb 2

6 -7:30 PM White Hill Preview Night

Feb 3

9:15 AM School Tour for Prospective Registrants

Feb 7

7-10 PM Spotlight on Hidden Valley at the RVSD Board Mtg

Feb 20 - 24

No school - Mid-Winter break

Mar 2

7 PM RVSD Band Concert at White Hill 

Mar 7

7 PM RVSD Orchestra Concert at White Hill

Mar 8

RVSD Board Mtg

Mar 10

Teacher Work Day – No School

Mar 14

6-7:30 PM Supporting Kids in Times of Uncertainty and Stress - Free Online Workshop Elementary Ages


Hello Hidden Valley Families,

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and your kid wants screen time.  What to do?


  • If your child can play outside or with a friend, that’s almost always a better choice.

    • In peer play, children receive feedback, and have opportunities to practice problem solving, communication, social coordination, and perspective taking. 


  • Realize why you or your child are using screen time. Get curious, build awareness.

    • Are you using tech as a babysitter? To help your child calm down? 


  • Be clear about what your expectations and boundaries are around screen-time. If you set an expectation or limit, follow through and be consistent. 


  • Be mindful of your own habits and what you are modeling.

    • One of the advantages of modern technology is that you can be at the playground and scroll through your phone at the same time. We've all been there. The thing is, children notice. They're watching us and will mimic our behaviors.



Ultimately, the use of technology and screen time is like most activities; it is about balance. 

Wishing you a weekend ahead that is balanced with time for yourself, your family, and activities that make you happy to be alive.


In Education Together,


Calling all future Hawks!!!

New Student Registration Starts Next Wednesday, February 1


Did you know the age range for TK has been expanded? If your child’s birthday falls between the dates of 9/2/2018- 4/2/2019 they are eligible for TK next year! Please share this news with other HV friends and neighbors who may be interested.


If you are planning to enroll a new student, please start  HERE for all of the information regarding the registration process and required documents.

Traffic Safety



We have noticed an uptick in speed of cars driving to and from school. The street is narrow and full of walkers and bikers who share a single bike lane. Please look out for our families and neighbors.


The first Walk and Roll of the new year is next Wednesday, February 1st!

Join us, rain or shine, on a walk, bike ride, bus or carpool ride, to and from school on Wednesday, February 1st.  Be sure to stop and have your tag scanned with the Walk and Roll volunteers!


Walk and Roll Scan Volunteers needed. Click here to sign up.




Universal Dyslexia Screening Pilot

Listen to our first podcast to learn about the Universal Dyslexia Screening pilot launched this year in the RVSD with Angie Kastner, Hidden Valley’s English Language, and Literacy Specialist. 

You’ll hear about Dyslexia, the educational support provided to students at Hidden Valley, and how this new initiative will improve how our school supports its students early in their academic journey while bringing diversity in the teaching approaches and equity to our school. 


Listen to our podcast. Here is a Spanish version of our podcast.

Here are the English transcript and the Spanish transcript of the podcast.

Note: Spanish translation has been generated using Google translate and reviewed and edited by Isela Sosa and Rachael  Keast. The narration has been generated by Narakeet text-to-speech software.

To learn more please consult our Resources page 


If you have any questions about Dyslexia in the RVSD, please feel free to contact: 

Angie Kastner, English Language, and Literacy Specialist.

HV Principal Fish

Julia Wolcott, RVSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction.


For any feedback or suggestions for Diversity and Equity Insights, here’s our email. 

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!  We hope that the year of the Rabbit and of the Cat brings you four seasons of peace, happiness, and prosperity.  

While often referred to as Chinese New Year, the New Lunar Year is, however, celebrated in many other countries across Asia. 


The Lunar New Year is called


        ChūnJié (Spring Festival) in China, Chinese New Year in Singapore and Malaysia

        Imlek in Indonesia 

        Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia ( celebrated by the Chinese Mongol)

        Seollal in South Korea 

        Ryukyu New Year on Ryukyu Islands (Japan)

        Tết Nguyên Đán in Vietnam


 Here’s An illustrated guide to Lunar New Year  to walk you through the most common traditions of this festive celebration.


Yearbook is looking for pictures (kids only please) to be used for HV yearbook. If you have any pictures that you would like to share with the yearbook team please email to

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