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Principal's Note

Dear Parents & Families:

Welcome to Hidden Valley School! We are very proud of the warm camaraderie that exists among our staff and parents, and the strong focus on learning and citizenship that we maintain. Our exceptionally talented teachers and support staff take great pride in their work and are focused on ensuring that Hidden Valley keeps the focus on our students, providing a program of academic excellence, cultural richness, social, emotional and physical development that educates, support, challenges and inspires each child. Our phenomenal PTO and YES Foundation continually supports the school to allow combined efforts to provide the quality educational experience all students deserve.

Our school is located in a quiet valley, nestled against open space with gorgeous views of Mt. Tamalpais. Hidden Valley School opened in 1954 and is one of five schools in the Ross Valley School District. Ross Valley School District, in general, and Hidden Valley, in particular, is a community that nurtures and treasures its children. It is because of this that the community is committed to the support of a rich educational experience. Parents, teachers, local businesses and children have all become partners in this mission. This cooperative spirit creates our unique Hidden Valley Family. The welcoming school environment and culture are qualities that our families enjoy.

Our teachers and students are the heart of our school community. We have a school population of about 400 students, kindergarten through fifth grade. Our education program is supported by 17 regular education teachers, 2 Learning Center teachers, a Resource Specialist and specialists for Music, Art, Library and PE.

We encourage parents to become an active participant in the life of Hidden Valley School. There are many ways for you to become involved in school programs and activities: working with the PTO and its many programs and projects; participating in School Site Council activities; supporting YES; working as a classroom volunteer; or attending the various community functions.


It is a pleasure and a privilege to be the principal at Hidden Valley. I look forward to a great year ahead!


Kristi Fish


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