The Hidden Valley Variety Show is Friday, May 31st at 12:45pm!  

Guidelines: Acts can be anything fun - singing, dancing, acting, or just pure silliness! Only one act per student. Acts must be no longer than 1 minute, 30 seconds. Students are asked to read and follow the variety show behavior contract (below). 

Dates: Auditions Schedule: Tuesday, May 14 - 2nd and 3rd grade; Wednesday, May 15 - 4th grade; Thursday, May 16 - 1st and 5th grade. Auditions will be held in the MPR from 12-12:45. Dress rehearsals will be held May 28-30 at lunchtime in the MPR. The schedule for dress rehearsal will be emailed out before May 28. 

Music: If your student is using music in his/her act, please submit the song to Sue before the auditions. The best ways to submit a song are : email the file to Sue; gift the song through iTunes to Sue; provide file on a flash drive.

MCs: All fifth graders are welcome to be MCs for the variety show. A fifth grader can be an MC only or can be in an act AND be an MC. 

Questions? Email Sue

Would you like to help out with the show? Sign up here!


In order to make the Hidden Valley Hawks Variety Show a wonderful, educational, and fun experience for everyone, we want to make sure everyone is safe, respectful, and responsible according to the school code.  Students who are not safe, respectful, or responsible will be given one warning before being removed from the show.  

Student will:

 Be safe

I will take care of myself.

I will take care of others.

I will not play on stage and only go up on stage when the directors ask.

Be respectful

I will listen to the directors.

I will listen to my peers.

I will be respectful when other students are on stage.

I will be respectful when I am back stage. 

 Be responsible

I will bring my music, costume, props, and/or whatever I need for my act to the Dress Rehearsal and Variety Show.

I will take care of my belongings.

I will memorize my act and practice at home.  

Parents/Guardians will:

 Be safe

I will take care of my child and make sure they know the rules to stay safe.   

Be respectful

I will communicate with the directors if there is an issue.

I will remain in the audience at all times, and not enter back stage area unless pre-arranged with the directors.

Be responsible

I will make sure my child has the materials they need for their act.  

I will help my child memorize their act and rehearse at home so that they are well prepared to perform.