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D & E Insights Podcast

Episode 1: Universal Dyslexia Screening

Listen to our first podcast to learn about the Universal Dyslexia Screening pilot launched this year in the RVSD with Angie Kastner, Hidden Valley’s English Language, and Literacy Specialist. You’ll hear about Dyslexia, the educational support provided to students at HV, and how this new initiative will improve how our school supports its students early in their academic journey while bringing diversity in the teaching approaches and equity to our school.

To learn more, please consult our Resources page.

If you have any questions about Dyslexia in the RVSD, please feel free to contact:

Angie Kastner, English Language, and Literacy Specialist.

Julia Wolcott, RVSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Here's our email for feedback or suggestions for Diversity and Equity Insights.

Opinion Disclaimer: The opinions, perspectives, and recommendations shared in this podcast belong to the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions or engage the responsibility of the RVSD, its affiliates, or employees in any way.


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