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Hidden Valley Hawk Talk Newsletter, Issue #8

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023
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Oct 25

School Picture Day

Oct 31

Halloween Parade at 8:30 AM

Nov 04

YES Trivia Night

Nov 10

No school - Veteran's Day (Observed)

Nov 13-17

11:45 am Super minimum dismissal/ Parent and teacher conferences

Nov 20-24

No school - Fall Break


Hello Hidden Valley Families!


Hooray! We hit our goal for fundraising with our annual Fun Run, led for THREE YEARS  by MIKE CASSIN & SANDRA MURTAGH, significantly supported in years past by JENNIFER HAMERSKI (who now serves an even more important role district-wide as the district NURSE, who spends one day on each of the campus every week). Please give a shout out to these people if you see them on campus- all live nearby and are always around. They are invaluable to our community!


Thank you to our Room Parents and other volunteers that planned all of the grade socials that were held last week, and to all of the parents that were able to attend. Look for another round of socials in the spring! These are a great way to meet other families. Consider this a friendly reminder to check in with your Room Parent (or teacher if you do not know who is room parent for your class(es)) to make sure that you are on the classroom contact list so that you don’t miss invitations to events like these!


Picture Day is this week! Yay! And Halloween is next week!! Please join us for the Halloween Parade on October 31 at 8:30am! It is one of the cutest days of the year!


Have a great week!

Team PTO

Willy Wonka Jr. is coming to Hidden Valley this year as part of the YES Theater.

Please join our upcoming info session on ZOOM

Date: Thursday Nov 2nd

Time: 7pm-8pm

Via Zoom Link:

YES Parties with a Purpose

So you may be asking yourself, “what’s with these YES Parties with a Purpose events?” The YES Foundation is bringing back an old tradition that builds community, infuses joy, all while funding arts education at the RVSD.


The Parties with a Purpose events range from small to big, adult only, kids only, to family friendly. Parties are created and hosted by our RVSD families, solely funded by our RVSD families with ALL proceeds (every dollar spent on tickets!) donated to the YES Foundation enabling all of our children to benefit from the programs. If you’d like to host a cornhole match at a park, create a magical dinner party at your home, dress-up and rock out to a themed party at a venue or host a cookie making event or any other ideas that inspire you, please contact Susan Flandermeyer at and check out our website


Here are two Parties with a Purpose events happening this November!

We’re bringing back a legacy Party with a Purpose. Come out to Irish/British trivia night that celebrates the pub culture of these two countries with the theme, while the trivia portion covers all cultures!

YESTrivia23 (2).png

Clutch Design Sewing & Painting Class

Saturday, November 18th @ Little Tree Studios


​Join us for a day of creativity and fun! Sip Tea, Coffee and Mimosas, enjoy delicious snacks and Design, Paint and Sew a Custom Clutch in the beautiful Little Tree Art Studio in Sleepy Hollow!

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Every week we will have a question of the week spanning varied subjects sometime including the content within the newsletter. The first one to respond gets a callout next week.

Week 8 Question:

Which of the following is the name of the shuttle that did the final flight of the space shuttle program?

1)  Discovery

2)  Atlantis

3)  Endeavour

4)  Columbia

Please post your answers here

Last week we had no responders. The answer was: Wade Thomas

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