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Hidden Valley Hawk Talk Newsletter, Issue #7

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Monday, October 16, 2023
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Oct 16-18

Halloween Costume Collection Drive

Oct 18

Tech Support Event for Spanish Speaking Families at Manor School

Oct 20

Garden Work Party in Hidden Valley Garden

Oct 22

Marin Pride Event

Oct 25

School Picture Day

Oct 31

Halloween Parade at 8:30 AM

Nov 04

YES Trivia Night

Nov 10

No school - Veteran's Day (Observed)

Nov 13-17

Super minimum dismissal/ Parent and teacher conferences

Nov 20-24

No school - Fall Break

fun run Sneakerlogo.png



This past Friday, we wrapped up the r-u-n part of the FUN RUN out on the field. This year was a phenomenal success! Including a few matching donations pledged to roll in this week, we have hit our school goal of $70,000 and had a blast doing it! If you can even believe it, we had over 900 donors from around the WORLD, including Hong Kong, Chile, the UK, and Canada! 


The reason this was a success is YOU.


Thank you to every caregiver who logged in and set up their student’s fundraising page.


Thank you to the teachers and Principal Fish for getting your classes fired up.


Thank you to every student who wrote an email, text, or social media post asking family and friends for donations.


Thank you to the day of volunteers, Fun Run Reps, Mariposa, Hidden Valley staff, PTO, and buddies who cheered us on.


And of course, thank you to every Hawk who participated in the Fun Run!



As soon as we catch our breath, we will share a ton of pictures, but until then please send any yearbook worthy pictures (kids only) can be sent to  



Congratulations to these final week, extra recess, winners:

Kredo (TK, Top Earning!)

Murdoch (4th grade, 100%!)

Selby (1st, 100%)

Sottile (2nd grade, 100%!)

Wolfe (K, 100%!)

Workman (3rd grade, 100%!)


Team Wolfe brought home the class win with 105 total donors. What a win! Congratulations on your Virtual Reality enBridgement class! 


It’s time for a special shout out to the Principal of the Day winner. Can I get a drum roll please…for Principal Isaac Gelman (Hirsch) with 24 donors!  We can’t wait to see what you have in store for your time in office. Congrats Isaac!


We are so grateful for our Hawk Community and will end our post with some inspirational Fun Run messages.


Signing off,

Your Fun Run Crew Mike Cassin & Sandra Murtagh




  • Proud to be part of your team!

  • We are so happy to help support your Hidden Valley Hawk Fun Run!

  • Thank you for doing these amazing things for your school!

  • You are so kind and compassionate. We love you very much!

  • Always reach for the moon. When you do, you will always get the biggest rewards because you aim high!

  • We are so proud of you for supporting your school! Have a fun time running for a good cause!

  • I may not be going to Hidden Valley anymore, but I will ALWAYS HAVE HAWK PRIDE!!!!!!!

  • We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work being your awesome self! We love you!

  • Te quiero hija!

  • Webs up SpiderMan!!! Lets go!

  • Love you to the moon and back. Keep shining your smart beautiful light.


Hawk Families,


My heart almost burst with the cuteness overload at the FunRun.  Never have I seen such earnestness and enthusiasm for Hidden Valley School and one another. I am incredibly grateful to be the principal of such an incredible school full of committed individuals, families, staff members, and our ever curious students so full of growth and possibilities.  


Because of you we are able to offer Children 4 Change enrichment, SF Social Justice Opera, Poetry instruction, 35 : 1 child/adult lunch time supervision ratio,  garden opportunities, sports equipment, ample student supplies, field trips for all, and so so much more!  


This week our students will be focusing on “Feelings” with their class and their buddies too. They will become feelings detectives to help them understand their own and others’ feelings. It can help when they are having problems with other students (or family members) to see if we can figure out how they are feeling.  This is the vocabulary we will be introducing to your children to help them to become more independent problem solvers. You can say, “What are you feeling?  What do you think the other person is feeling?  How can we help everyone calm down?  How can we find a win/win solution?"


Thank you again for stepping up for your child and for our community.


In Partnership,




Staff Spotlight

Hi Hidden Valley Community, 


It's exciting to be highlighted in the newsletter this week as one of the new teachers on staff. My background is in child development and I truly enjoy meeting students where they are at and then being a part of their academic journey. I have spent over ten years teaching kindergarten or first grade starting my career in Mill Valley, moving to San Rafael, and now teaching close to home at Hidden Valley. 


When I'm not at school you will likely find me outside. I enjoy spending time with my family hiking and camping, riding my bike with my friends, or exploring a new place close or far. 


Its going to be a great school year and I'm so happy to be a part of the Hawk Community as a teacher and a parent. 



Heather Selby

1st Grade 


Photos below are of:

1. Me in the Olympic National Park 

2. Our Family Four Wheel Adventure Last Thanksgiving 

3. Bike Riding with my oldest son, Beckett 

Tech Event for Spanish Speaking Families

Books, Books, and More Books!


Welcome to Hidden Valley's new Library Fund! Thanks to the support of our amazing families, our fabulous librarian, Mrs. Fee, is able to subscribe to a monthly book box from the Junior Library Guild. Your joint contributions are allowing Hidden Valley to add 10-15 new books to our library each month, all curated to our students interests, school preferences and library needs. In replacement of the birthday book program, the new Library Fund will allow all students to have the opportunity to place a sticker in a new book throughout the year. Enjoy a couple photos of Hawks with this month's new books, which feature a "Donated by Hidden Valley PTO Library Funds", marking the generosity of our HV families. THANK YOU for all that you do to help our student community grow and learn.

YESTrivia23 (2).png

Garden Work Party


Please join us after school on Friday, October 20th, 3:00-4:30 for a Hidden Valley GARDEN WORK PARTY!

Adults and supervised students are ALL WELCOME as we prune, weed, cut and clear our beautiful garden in preparation for fall.

Bring your gloves, loppers and trimmers and let's get dirty! 


And, mark your calendar for the next one on December 1st.

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Every week we will have a question of the week spanning varied subjects sometime including the content within the newsletter. The first one to respond gets a callout next week.

Week 6 Question:

What is the name of the oldest school in San Anselmo?

1)  Brookside

2)  Hidden Valley Elementary

3)  Saint Anselm's

4)  Wade Thomas

Please post your answers here

Last week's quickest responder Dawn Mayer. The answer was: Laphonza Butler. Congratulations, Dawn!

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